500Followers.com is a powerful system to gain new followers for free.

How does system work?

You just need to click "Gain Followers Now!" button after loging in to our application with your Twitter account. Our system gives you 20 free credits everyday, you can gain 10 followers with your free credts.

What happens if i revoke the application?

Your account will be suspended by our system and you will not be able to gain followers anymore.

How many followers am i going to gain?

We give 20 credits daily to all of our users. All credits are renewed at the end of the day.

Am i going to follow other users?

Yes, our system is a follower exchange system, users follows each others randomly. Our system can send some sponsor tweets from your profile. Only VIP users (who buy credits) do not follow anybody.

Can i buy credits to gain more followers?

Yes, just click "Buy Credits" button to buy credits after loging in the system, you can spend bought credits when ever you want.

Can i gain more credits?

Yes, you can gain more credits following by our sponsor users, please do not unfollow our sponsor users, your profile will be suspended from our system if you unfollow them.